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Self-Developed S-OPG Mapping Image Control System
Over 25.16 Megapixel Image Sensors in Each Angle of View


The self-developed S-OPG mapping image control system integrates data imaging, parameter setting, position calculation, dynamic image transmission, Bluetooth transmission, and network communication, breaking through the control integration mode of traditional oblique camera and opening the user operating system.
The camera is embedded with five S-OPG image control sensors, showing excellent performance from pixel integration to image quality.

In Addition to Basically Enhancing Stabilization
Supporting Multi-Angle Picturing


The intelligent 3-axis Gimbal can guarantee the horizontal stabilization of camera, realizing the high overlap between original data and the calculated aerial triangulation.
The pitching angle can be freely adjusted within 180 degree , so it can be used for building facade shooting; And stereo overlaying function enables users to view more details of oblique photography.

Super Durable S-GS Global Shutter
Prolonging Working Life by Three Times A Cost-Effective Productivity Tool.


The independently developed S-GS global shutter can stabilize image at high speed flies clearly, improving capturing efficiency and quality.
The Shutter is integrated with KIMOTO high speed shading blade with double structure, so that the friction coefficient is low and high temperature resistance is high. Therefore, it is designed for high frequency trigger scenarios, and is more stable and durable.

Excellent Optical Quality
Self-Developed Professional S-Ml Mapping Lens


Self-developed S-ML prime lens equipped in five views and multi-layer LD low-dispersion lens enable excellent optical quality, effectively eliminating chromatic aberration. The front len is coated with fluor in compound, which is waterproof, oil-proof, stain-proof, protecting the lens module effectively.
The model is more excellent with precision optical correction, highly matched CMOS imaging matrix, and stable data capturing process.

Abundant and Clear Screen Display
Visualized Camera Information


The camera is equipped with a new upgraded OLED HD color screen, which can display the camera status and parameter settings in a real-time way, including trigger signal type, number of photos, body temperature, ambient humidity, RTK status, Bluetooth connection status, RAM, shutter life, and other important information. It is intuitive and easy for user operation.

Instantly Triggering and Writing POS and Photographs


TimeSync 2.0 time synchronization algorithm is incorporated deeply, synchronizing time at microsecond-level with UAV, recording five-view centimeter-level position information independently and accurately, and letting POS write photos instantly without integrating any in-industry software.
It uses highly mature image free control technology and is the individual operation new weapon in Aerial surveying.

Highly Compatibility with Diverse Load
Being Applicable For Mainstream UAV Mounting Platform


It is compatible for 12-50V mounting platform power supply, can identify the UAV flight control system, and can achieve synchronously operation in the voltage tolerance range.
The gimbal can be quickly disassembled, letting camera directly and independently applied to vertical takeoff and landing fixed-wing, multi-rotor, and other flying platforms. It adapts to the SHARE’S open source interface suite combines with the adjustment of mounting platform, so it can match the mounting platform of vertical takeoff and landing fixed-wing with the pylon application.

Mobile Phone Can Be the Remote Controller with The SHARE Mini Program
Similar Parameter Settings in Different Flight Platform


Built-in Bluetooth 5.0 module can stably adapt to different mobile phone data transmission protocols. Users can set the camera parameters and monitor the real-time camera status according to the operation scenarios after accessing the small program of SHARE Aerial Survey Assistant by Bluetooth. In this way, it provides better operation experience for other mount platform users who do not use SKYPORT interface.

Terrain-Following Flight
Unlocking a New Attitude of Oblique Photography


The three-axis Gimbal-enhanced terrain-following flight enables adjustment of camera to ensure that the camera shooting angle is always vertical to the ground to give full play to the extreme performance of UAV and camera and improve the operation efficiency.

Supporting Macro-photogrammetry
Providing a Solution of Elevation and Slope Fine Modeling


Thanks to S-ML mapping lens independently developed by SHARE, the minimum focusing distance of PSDK 102S V3 orthophoto angle can reach 10 meters and can be adjusted according to the angle adjustment of the Gimbal. The camera can realize 3d data acquisition with 2mm ground resolution and ultra-high accuracy for high-precision tasks in elevation or inclined surfaces within the focus range.
It can deeply present the fine texture and structural characteristics of ground objects., so the macro-photogrammetry model can be obtained through further internal processing.

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