New Possibilities for Professional Aerial Survey

SHARE 202S Pro

201 Million Pixels Oblique Camera

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Designed for the urban terrain projects


Flagship full-frame sensor, 210M effective pixels. Retain the rich details of the image, to achieve true urban data acquisition and restoration. Present the real city scene and help build high-quality digital assets.


A new possibility for the professional aerial survey


When the GSD is 5 cm, the altitude can reach up to 442 meters.It can easily fly over high obstacles, reduce the flying risk during field data acquisition.


One person can complete the whole process same as a team


GCPs-free and time synchronization technology to meet the needs of urban project application scenarios, each camera has its own POS data. Not a single GCP is needed. Liberate the productivity of the site work, truly achieve the efficiency by one person rather than a team.


Professional aerial lens, with a wider field of view and a higher overlap rate


Nadir 40mm real wide-angle focal length, the super-large coverage brings super-large aerial film overlap rate and more realistic modeling details. The 56mm tilt camera human eye imaging focal length reduces the distortion of aerial images, highly restores the real scene, and fundamentally prevents the model from drawing and deforming.


Sufficient 1280G data storage


Synchronous recording of images and POS, 300 Mbit/s speed transmission, combined with Share UAV data integration algorithm, to ensure the accuracy of data transmission, provide accurate areotriangulation, improve the AT pass rate and the efficiency of data processing.


Strong and light-weight aviation aluminum alloy


The CNC aviation aluminum alloy housing is made by hard work. The payload weighs only 1150 grams, energy-saving camera, and retains more power to increase the flying area.


Fly safely and avoid risks


Nadir-view transmission, which can monitor the flying obstacles below in real-time, and provide real-time terrain data feedback through the high-rise buildings.


Visible information on built-in OLED screen


Iconic OLED screen in front of the housing, which displays RTK status and the number of images taken from each perspective in real-time. The working status of the camera is clear at a glance.


Share Data Manager


Data copy, flight management, shutter status, camera setting and firmware upgrade, all can be completed via SDM. One software to process all datasets, including images and POS. Can be import directly to DJI Terra and Context Capture modeling software.



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