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Share 202S series integrates 210 million effective pixels and is designed for urban projects. The high-pixel integration is aimed at the complex terrain of the city. Against to the tall buildings, it can achieve to fly higher to meet the needs of urban projects.







City planning


Efficiently construct a real 3D model, intuitively reflect building information and spatial distribution information, and assist in scientific planning of urban development.

Infrastructure planning


Precise restoration of complex scenes, comprehensive analysis of various geographic information, and visual display of planning effects.

Land use planning


Combining 2D and 3D models with a variety of surveying and mapping results, integrating multiple information such as geography, current situation, and planning, makes land planning more efficient and convenient.




Safe height


Share 202S series integrates 210 million effective pixels, and can still retain 5cm GSD on the ground when the altitude exceeds 400 meters, meeting the safe altitude of aviation while retaining rich details.

Special lens for surveying and mapping


The standard orthophoto configuration with 40mm real wide-angle down-view focal length, which increases the overlap rate of data collection; tilts 56mm to generate images, highly restores the real scene, avoids aerial image distortion, and enhances the efficiency of aerotriangulation.

Huge storage for whole-day working


Standard 1280G data storage, five cameras synchronously and independently record POS data, meeting the needs of data collecting for the whole-day, large-area project .




Workable platform

DJI M300 RTK + SHARE 202S 
Deeply adapt to the DJI enterprise application SDK developer ecosystem, it gives full play to the advantages of the payload for DJI drone platform with intelligence and efficiency.
The integrated solution of fixed-wing aircraft, SHARE 102S V3 retains the universal aviation plug-in interface, adapting to mainstream fixed-wing platforms, easily covering large-area surveying projects.
Multi-rotor platform + SHARE 202S

The integrated solution of long endurance, high-maneuverability multi-rotor platform, it can be built according to the mounting platform to build the payload integration plan.

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