Share UAV Cooperated With DJI To Layout The Global Aerial Survey Market

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On the first day of the event, Zhang Xiaonan, Senior Brand Strategy Director of DJI Innovation, said, "The COVID-19 pandemic has brought great challenges to drone practitioners around the world, but they have quickly responded to the challenges and actively developed and expanded a series of new technologies and ways of working.  DJI has the honor to present a series of outstanding UAV innovation applications here.  This year's AirWorks virtual conference will allow more UAV industry partners to gather, exchange ideas, hear from experts and explore new ideas on how drone technology will revolutionize the industry as a productivity tool."  

At the summit, DJI shared its vision for the future by integrating product industry ecology, optimizing UAV geospatial information data collection technology, and intelligent UAV flight mission execution. DJI is committed to exploring the era of space intelligence with global partners.  At the summit, DJI's strategic partners, including Livox technology, Shell (Shell), FLIR (FLIR), and others, shared and demonstrated how they are taking the leap forward with drone technology.  

As the in-depth developer of DJI SKYPORT, SHAREUAV is a member of the DJI Industry Application flight platform load family. Since the cooperation with DJI Industry Application in 2020, SHARE UAV has carried out application practice in various vertical industries in the field of pan-mapping.  It has laid a good foundation for the aerial survey application of tilt photography technology into the era of comprehensive civilian.  

On August 28, LU Muhua, the sales of overseas market of Share UAV, delivered a keynote speech on how to help overseas users reduce costs and improve efficiency in transforming real scenes into digital assets by combining DJI Jingwei M300 RTK with Share Oblique camera PSDK 102S complete solution.  And gain positive feedback from overseas partners and industry users.  

According to Share UAV, Oblique photography technology is all carried by aircraft with large industrial grade five-lens oblique camera to realize field data collection overseas. The equipment cost is high, the application field is difficult to expand, the acquisition method is not flexible enough, and the equipment has high professional requirements. It is a pain point for a long time.  Due to the national surveying and mapping opportunities in China in recent years, such as integration of real estate, smart city, infrastructure construction and natural resources, it has created a good market soil for the research and development of innovative aerial surveying hardware. Since its establishment in 2016, Share UAV has been closely following users' requirements and has continued to work deeply on the five-lens oblique camera track.  After combining with DJI industry application flight platform, it has entered the fast track of development and made a solid step towards the goal of civilian aerometry globalization.  

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