The evolution of Share UAV 5-lens oblique cameras

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In the summer of 2016, cicadas were chirping outside the window, Share UAV office is full of shutter snapping, it looks crisp in a hot office.

This summer, Share UAV joined forces with the Shandong Academy of Sciences and Qilu University of Technology set up a UAV technology research and development laboratory after 6 years of technology accumulation, officially launched the first oblique photography product -SHARE100 five-lens oblique camera.

 As you can see, oblique camera technology was just taking off in China at that time, a number of issues such as large volume, body, Heavy, simple function, complex installation, and so on. These are pain points across the industry.

But once the SHARE 100 was introduced, the bright Chinese red, as well as the advanced technology integration at that time, and the outstanding play in the application of cadastral survey, river management, highway construction, electricity tower planning, and other projects, have been recognized by many users, and become a new generation of oblique photography industry powerful tools.

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In November 2017, SHARE 100S oblique camera made its debut at the 7th China Surveying, Mapping, and Geographic Information Technology Equipment Exhibition in Nanjing. SHARE 100S adopts five 24MP pixel APS-C frame sensors and is equipped with a lightweight fixed-focus aerial lens. And innovatively added the HDMI image transmission signal output interface, with the aircraft end picture transmission module, so that users can intuitively and real-time observe the flight environment and operation status of aircraft through the picture transmission screen of the remote control.

With the mainstream DJI M600Pro and other excellent multi-rotor flight platforms, Share UAV launched an integrated aerial survey system solution for end-users. Through this camera, let more users know about Share UAV and choose Share UAV. At the same time, Share UAV is also cooperating with more aircraft manufacturers to develop system solutions and customize them. To achieve excellence, strong joint, create, sharing, win-win future together.

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In 2018, Share UAV innovatively launched the lightweight oblique camera SHARE101S. The camera adopts a new five-phase closed-loop control circuit scheme, integrated intelligent self-check, one-button reset, and intelligent heat dissipation. It has the characteristics of lightweight, small size, double mounting up and down, strong compatibility, and so on. It is equipped with customized professional surveying and mapping lenses, with high imaging clarity and small optical distortion, and can complete aerial survey tasks with 1cm~10cm GSD in high quality and efficiency. At the same time, Share UAV has also continued to carry out joint adjustments with many VTOL, multi-rotor manufacturers, in-depth integration of aircraft and camera, and continuously introduced long endurance and light aerial survey solution.

In 2019, Share UAV became the developer of the Payload SDK for DJI. DJI M210 RTK V2 + SHARE PSDK101S, a one-man operation oblique photography aerial survey solution, was launched at the "New Release conference of PSDK101S and DJI Aerial Survey Application Technology Forum" held in Jinan on April 25 of the same year. The weight of the whole solution was as light as 5390g, perfect in line with policy requirements. Higher integration, higher data accuracy, and simpler operation modes have attracted the attention of a large number of surveying and mapping practitioners, and real-scene 3D data acquisition is gradually developing from the situation of teamwork to the one-man operation.

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Starting from 2020, the registration and certification of House-Land integration of rural have been carried out in full swing. With the advantages of high resolution, accurate data, short outdoor operation, and low operating cost, the application of 3D oblique photogrammetry technology in the House-Land Integration is becoming more and more common.

In May 2020, the new flagship M300 RTK of the DJI enterprise application turned out to be released. At the same time, DJI officially designated third-party payloads SHARE PSDK 102S to meet with the public. It is also Share’s most classic oblique camera, PSDK 102S. 

It is the first time to use aviation aluminum alloy shell, exquisite fuselage, high internal circuit integration, and real-time image transmission function. The RTK system time synchronization of the camera and the drone is realized through the PsdkTimeSync_TransferToAircraft-Time interface, which can realize GCP-free, one-step installation and one-key copy data, and one-key upgrade.

DJI M300 RTK+PSDK, the Share’s red color of 102S is a beautiful light from DJI Technology’s dark, has gradually become a standard configuration that many companies and users in the industry scrambling to get started

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As a technology-intensive industry in the field of surveying and mapping, the development of the industry has long relied on innovation in technology and equipment. At present, with the rapid increase in the demand for large data acquisition in geographic information, the process of surveying and mapping informatization has accelerated, making the application of UAV aerial survey and remote sensing technology more and more widespread. This indicates that aerial surveys will develop towards volume zone, with greatly improved reliability and ease of use. Up to now, there has been a trend of aerial surveys replacing some of the traditional surveying and mapping. This puts forward higher requirements for tilt camera cameras, which are smart and easy to use, stable and reliable, and cost-effective.

From SHARE 100 to SHARE 102S, behind our rapid development are the unremitting efforts of Share UAV people and the support & trust of Share UAV users. The future has come, and Share UAV will be the same as before, always acting as an entrepreneur, not forgetting the original intention, proficient in research and development, working in technology, and willing to serve, continue to provide users with friendly, easy-to-use, and outstanding oblique photography cameras.

To achieve professional aerial surveys in an affordable way.

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Here are some models:

Models generated by 102S:



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