SHARE UAV 5-Lens Oblique Cameras Showcasing at InterGEO 2022

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SHARE UAV’s journey to INTEOGEO2022 in Germany ended in last week. The leading fair in geodesy, spatial data and land management offer a unmatched platform where SHARE UAV presented the cutting-edge solution for aeiral photogrammetry including warm-welcomed 5-lens oblique cameras at the event

As one of the largest and most prominent surveying and mapping industry exhibitions in the world, INTERGEO 2022 gathered 457 exhibitors from 31 countries and around 14,000 trade visitors from 102 countries. SHARE UAV got this chance to exchange information with industry insiders, and introduced our innovative 5 lens oblique surveying cameras to professionals. This time we exhibited 6 products including PSDK 102S V3, SHARE 102S V2, SHARE 202S PRO V2, SHARE 303S PRO, SHARE 6100 X-PORT, and SHARE 100M PRO(*Click the link to get detailed information on each product)

A lot of attentees showed a great interest on our 5 obliqe cameras not only because of the dazzaling red shell catching people’s eyes, but for the high integration technology we made on such a small camera. As we all know, aerial oblique photogrammetry is not new on global market, and we have giants in the field to make big and excellect photogrammetry machines. Coupled with helicoptors, these big oblique cameras can achieve exellent results in delivery digital 2D/3D modeling work. 

However, as the trend of Digital Twin theory goes to a wider requirement in more and more applications, we need to make visualized 3D modeling a more cost-effective, and easy-to-do process, which is the main goal of our 5-lens oblique camera designed to achieve.

Unprecedented 5-lens oblique camera makes aerial surveying easier and more portable.

As the increasing of requirements for accurate 3D models, the conbination of UAV/drones and a camera is becoming more acceptable for industrial surveyors to carry out projects of small ground coverage or a targeting construction modeling. Because the normal RGB camera can also meet the needs for imagery and payload on UAVs to carry out mission, while SHARE UAV 5-lens oblique camera can do more than this. 

Firstly, we made a conprehensive integration on the 5 lenses, one is nadir, and the other four are oblique, and each one is 45° to another, so that the whole camera can capture the image of 270° of its objects once taking one shot at one position. 

Except for the large space inforamtion capturing, the stablization brought by the 3-axis gimbal or angle adjuster gurantees the camera’s accuracy in data acuisition. Adding the excellent hardware like short time interval shut, and adjustable camera parameters like ISO, WB, Shutter Speed, etc., SHARE UAV 5-lens oblique camera provides you a high effective outside working experience and improve your workflow productivity a lot. 

Multipled with our self-designed SHARE Data Manager, which is a high efficient data preprocessing software, having 300mb/s data transmission speed, your office data processing work will be also leveled up to next generation.

There will be more that SHARE 5-lens oblique camera can bring to you, and INTERGEO 2022 just officially started our international market. From now on, we will be strive to open up in the global market, bring more end-users with a new aerial 3D mapping solution, dive deeper and more comprehensively into GIS industry, and then realize the goal of playing the role in digital twin world construction.

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